Wynspin Benefits Your Business

Increased Conversions

Increase your business’ bottom line with up to 30% higher conversion rates!

Word of Mouth

One of the most valued methods of marketing is customer recommendations. Increase your word of mouth recommendations from customer to potential customer with a Wynspin wheel – customers “spin to win” and go on to recommend the game to other potential customers, sharing your brand with their network!

Increased Foot Traffic

Potential customers redeem their prize at your business, generating more foot traffic.


With a million different prize options and game settings available, you can run a different contest each month, generating even more buzz about your brand!

Social Media

Our Wynspin wheel can be customized into a Facebook application for your business page to keep your fans engaged and interested while giving continued reasons to visit your business. Cross-promote your Facebook Wynspin contest on Twitter, generating more page likes by accessing your Twitter followers!

Increased Brand Awareness

Wynspin creates a positive association with your branding using an upbeat “everyone walks away a winner” game, sharing your brand with new customers as they engage in the Wynspin contest!

Sample Scenarios


In this scenario, we will look at what the WynSpin Wheel can do for your restaurant. Pretend for a moment that you own a restaurant called the Medium Rare where...

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Car Dealership

In this scenario, we will look at what the WynSpin Wheel can do for your dealership. Pretend for a moment that you own a dealership called Hometown Motors where you...

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